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Our charts

· The 693 charts cover anchorages and channels on the West Coast of Scotland

· They are generally at an effective scale of more than 10 times the official UKHO charts and show very much more detail.

· They have been produced by unqualified yachtsmen — there will be errors — beware!

· The charts are typically used in an iPad or Android tablet with its internal GPS.

· Each chart has some narrative about the location.

· A few charts focus on drying areas relevant mainly to shoal-draught boats and a very few depict seabed gradients, which are relevant when anchoring. More here

· We recommend that you run he charts in a free Memory-Map app, in which you can also run their ‘Marine’ charts (same as UKHO charts for all practical purposes) and OS Maps.

· You can now download direct to your devices with no further setting up.

· You may also run our charts on PCs, Macs, tablets and phones and with other apps. Those iPads, PCs, etc. without an internal GPS can work with a separate Bluetooth GPS.

· Before buying the charts you should look at the MAKING and USING tabs above.

· Once you have installed the charts the GUIDES & HELP tab will assist you in getting the most out of them


We have been updating our charts annually with enhancements and corrections and adding new coverage. All those who have bought or updated our charts in the last two years are eligible for a new set at a reduced price.



















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Number of charts in each year’s set:


2024      693

2023      624

2022      579

2020      523

2018      461

2017      373

2016      309

2015      247

2014      192       

2013      134

2012        75

2011        40



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If you are not familiar with our charts please look around this website first, especially ‘OUR CHARTS’, ‘MAKING’ and ‘USING