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I have downloaded the charts into Memory-Map, I can see the selector chart with red rectangles or the detailed charts but can’t open them. This is explained in the detailed ‘how to use’ guides.


Can you explain the chart numbering system? This is explained at the bottom of the Chart List section


Expecting to hear from us but not heard back? Check your spam folder—very occasionally our emails are diverted by your security software! If there is nothing there then please email again—see Contact


You are trying to set up the charts but keep getting an error message ‘This page can’t be displayed’ or something similar. This will almost certainly be because you have not unzipped the zipped folders you downloaded (BSB and KMZ).


You’re are trying to unzip a file but get error messages. This can be because the file path is too long. You need to put our material either directly onto your ‘C’ drive or into one of your main directories such as ‘Documents’. There can be a temptation to put it into a sub-directory of ‘Documents’ (e.g. Documents/Sailing/Charts/UK/Scotland/AntaresCharts/….) but if there are too many sub directories, as in this example, it will fail to unzip.


Other problems with setting up the charts? There are detailed instructions, setting-up guidance and lots more help on this website. As a last resort, but only as a last resort, please do contact us by email—we don’t like people to give up—if there is a problem it is usually easily resolved.


What happens if I don’t delete all the old charts? Where a chart has been expanded or changed in any way Memory-Map won’t know which is the latest so you can’t be sure you will see the most recent one.


What happens if I delete some or all the Marine (UKHO) charts by mistake? Just re-download them from ’My Online Maps’, to be found via the chart locker icon


Chart Datum and Tidal Predictions.

When working out the depth of water you will encounter, you should use the depths shown on our chart and add the predicted height of tide at the location stated in the title block. This location isn’t always the most obvious choice but is the location where we found the best correlation to adjusted observed tides  - see note* below. The vertical datum for each of our charts (Chart Datum) has been chosen so that this procedure gives the best result.

You should also allow for variations in atmospheric pressure resulting in a water level typically 1cm higher or lower for every 1mb lower or higher than 1013mb. The impact of wind can also be significant, depending on strength, direction and the topography of the location. Strong winds blowing into bottlenecks can cause surges. These atmospheric effects can be important, occasionally reducing water levels by 0.3m or more, or temporarily increasing them by considerably more than this, giving a false sense of security.

*Note: Official UK Admiralty tidal predictions are of very variable quality. Predictions for Standard Harmonic Ports (eg Oban) and Secondary Harmonic Ports (eg Tobermory) are generally very good. But predictions for Secondary Non-Harmonic Ports (eg Loch Moidart or Craighouse, Jura) are often poor or very poor (especially in the Sound of Jura). Official UK Admiralty Tidal Predictions are available to everyone by subscription to 'Admiralty Digital Products - Total Tide' You need regions 1-4 for Scotland.




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