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Very Large scale wgs 84 electronic charts







When you tap on the link below you will be taken to the Memory-Map website to download and activate the charts. There you will find lots of help, including several short videos. If you have any difficulty you can come back here and use the links lower down on this page or the 'Guides & Help' in the main part of our website.      

If you don't already have a Memory-Map licence-server account you will be asked to create one and should make a careful note of your username and password. You should avoid opening more than one account.

Having opened an account and bought a licence you must log onto your account at least once from each device on which you wish to activate our charts. You need only log on once but that tells the server that the device belongs to you!

If you have old Antares Charts in the Memory-Map for All app (MMfA) you should delete them. Instructions are on the Memory-Map website and also from the link lower down on this page. 

If you have the old Memory-Map app you can uninstall it or continue to run it on the same devices as the new 'Memory-Map for All' (MMfA) app. But, either way,you will need to upload all your charts and maps to the new app - the two apps can't share the same set of charts. This is very easy to do.

 Tap here to go to the Memory-Map website to buy the charts


Some suggestions for video-clip guidance (each will open in a new window - this page will remain open in this window):

For an overview of Memory-Map for All click or tap here

For  how to delete old charts click or tap here

For help accessing charts you have bought, maybe from additional devices, click or tap here



To return to the main Antares Charts website:

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