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Very Large scale wgs 84 electronic charts

ANTARES CHARTS is a source of 'unofficial' very large scale electronic charts and related pilotage information created by yachtsmen for yachtsmen.

Focusing on the West Coast of Scotland it is aimed at experienced navigators, to supplement information available from more authoritative providers.

The UK’s official surveying and charting authorities have not resurveyed many of the more interesting channels and anchorages of the West of Scotland since the advent of satellite positioning and often do not publish charts to a sufficiently large scale to meet the needs of the more adventurous yachtsman.

Our 309 charts can run seamlessly with UKHO-type charts on PCs, iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and phones. They can also be used on Macs and certain Garmin handheld devices. There is a wide range of free software available while ‘the best’ setup costs c. £65, including our charts and all UKHO-type charts for the UK and Ireland.

WARNING:  All information described in this website has been obtained by enthusiasts without formal training.  It must be used with great care and entirely at your own risk. See the risk factors outlined under ‘Making the charts’ and ‘Using the charts’.




The surveying season is over, ‘Otter’ is ashore for the winter and the processing now gets underway in earnest. We currently expect there to be 374 charts in the 2017 set, of which 75 will be new or revised: 65 of new locations, 2 significantly extended and 8 modified in minor ways. New surveys include five anchorages in the Ascrib Islands and several other places on the west and north of Skye, a southern approach to the Hyskeir Lighthouse (for very settled weather only!), a survey across the shallows in ’Whisky Galore’ territory in the Sound of Eriskay, the beaches, islands and reefs at the northern tip of Coll and many more...  Charts will be published in 2017. See ‘Future Surveys’ for current list.


The new download facility for obtaining charts has been a great success. It seems that we have the worst internet here in East Anglia—almost everyone seems to have been able to download in a fraction of the time it takes us! And it is much easier for us, cheaper for you and you are likely to get your charts much sooner! A rare win-win!


We have had some great feedback, for which many thanks to those concerned. Please keep it flowing: it is obviously good to hear the nice things but just as important are the glitches we may not otherwise spot, any major problems or difficulties and, of course, places you would like surveyed.


iPad users can install all our supporting material and enjoy most of the functionality, including the chart selectors.


Memory-Map. We find Memory-Map plotting software with UKHO-type charts to be the ideal platform for our charts. It costs around £50 for the  UKHO-type UK and Ireland chart package, which is excellent value.  You can run our charts seamlessly with the UKHO-type charts; and with side-by-side windows you can see your position on both. And you can run them all on iPhones, iPads and Android devices as well as PCs and Macs. See example of Sanna Bay below: all you need is the Memory-Map app which is free for Android devices and 69 pence for Apple.



Ever been in a situation like the one above?  You found your way in when the sun was shining but how will you get out?  This is just one example where Antares large scale electronic charts might have made a real difference.



Tinkers Hole in the mist

Photo: Martin Lawrence

Acarseid Mhor, Rona viewed on an iPad

Below is an image of part of our chart of the main channel at Arisaig, at low zoom, alongside the UKHO-type chart at maximum zoom. The charts are displayed on a PC with Memory-Map plotting software. The UKHO-type chart gives you the basics but our chart shows all the detail we found when we went exploring! Our chart can be zoomed a lot further and is complemented by charts of the north channel, the inner part of the loch and an even larger scale chart of the constriction in the main channel.

Erraid incl Tinker’s Hole

Loch Scavaig, Skye


‘Antares’, base for surveying in 2009, now retired to the South of France!

‘Otter’ -  base  for surveying from 2014  - do call on the VHF if you see us.

Caolas Rahuaidh, Loch Teacuis

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