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For the 2018 season there will be 461 charts (2017: 373 charts). The vast majority of people download them but we can send them on a DVD or USB memory stick (flash drive). The full set costs from £9.99 to £14.99 depending on the delivery method within the UK or a little more overseas.

The material we send includes a ‘Commentary’ for each location for which there is a chart along with setup and updating guidance (click here for example).

We recommend that you use the charts on a PC or Mac at home and, if possible, on your boat with a USB GPS (£10-£50) and also on an iPad* or Android tablet in a waterproof case. The charts do not run on normal cockpit plotters.

If you prefer, you can just use them on an iPad or tablet without any need for a PC or Mac setup. To do this you will need to transfer the material we send to a PC or Mac and then just the relevant bits to your iPad or tablet.

You can view the charts without any additional software but to see your position on them you will need navigating software. We strongly recommend Memory-Map which is free for tablets and phones. For your PC you need also to buy their UKHO-type ’Marine’ charts for UK and Ireland (£50 or less) but you can then run these on your mobile devices for no extra charge. On older Macs, Memory-Map requires a PC emulator (explained in our instructions).

There are several other options for navigating software, many of which are free. See Using the ChartsHardware and Software

With a broadband connection, you can also view the charts on Google Earth, and can apply transparency so you can see through our chart to the image of the shoreline beneath.

Full setup and updating instructions come with the charts but for a preview of what is involved click here.

We have been updating our material annually with additional charts, enhancements and corrections. All those who already have charts will be contacted about updates when they are available.

*iPads—note that only the Cellular/3/4G versions have a built-in GPS, although Bluetooth GPSs are available for the WiFi-only versions.


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The charts will be sent on a DVD or USB memory stick (flash drive), or you may download them  - your choice. You should copy them, and the ‘Commentary’, to your hard drive and/or to your iPad, tablet or phone (or Garmin handheld plotter).



Number of charts in each year’s set:


2018      461

2017      373

2016      309

2015      247

2014      192       

2013      134

2012      75

2011      40

For a preview of what is involved in setting up or updating click here.

For a fuller discussion of Hardware / Software options click here