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Help and downloads

Help and downloads

We are often asked for useful information in a form that can be printed. Much is already available from relevant places within the website but we thought it would be helpful to have a central repository.


Getting going  - DOWNLOADS


Instructions to Get-You-Started and for downloading charts   (pdf - 541KB) This document tells you how to download our charts and commentary from the link we email to you when you order the charts and what to do then


Instructions for the first steps for charts delivered by post  (pdf - 498KB) This document tells you what to do with the material we send on a DVD or USB memory stick


Registering a Memory-Map activation code (448KB)


Download and setup overview diagram provided by one of our users (554KB)


Getting going  - other help


Ordered charts but not heard back from us? Check your spam folder—very occasionally our emails are diverted by your security software! If there is nothing there then please email—see Contact


Your chart download is constantly interrupted. If this happens it is likely to be because your computer’s power saving settings send it to sleep too soon after the last mouse or keyboard action. To adjust this, click on: Start (bottom left of screen): Settings: System: Power & Sleep. But if it is interrupted you can just click on Resume.


You are trying to set up the charts but keep getting an error message ‘This page can’t be displayed’ or something similar. This will almost certainly be because you have not unzipped the zipped folders we sent. Please refer back to the Download Instructions or ‘First steps  - Please Read!’ note that came with sets sent by post.


You’re are trying to unzip a file but get error messages. This can be because the file path is too long. You need to put our material either directly onto your ‘C’ drive or into one of your main directories such as ‘Documents’. There can be a temptation to put it into a sub-directory of ‘Documents’ (e.g. Documents/Sailing/Charts/UK/Scotland/AntaresCharts/….) but if there are too many sub directories, as in this example, it will fail to unzip.


Other problems with setting up the charts? There are detailed instructions, setting-up guidance and lots more help in the Commentary that comes with the charts. As a last resort, but only as a last resort, please do contact us by email—we don’t like people to give up—if there is a problem it is usually very easily resolved.


Helping a friend to install our charts on their iPad or iPhone using your PC or Mac. This can cause problems as the devices tend to sync when connected together. A friend of Antares Charts has found the solution: a very simple note can be downloaded here.



Using the charts  - DOWNLOADS



Printable list of charts  2018 (638KB) (pdf file)


List of charts   2018 (32KB) (Excel workbook)


Printable chart guide 2018 (3MB) Printable chart selector pages annotated with chart names in large lettering, supplied by one of our users (pdf file)


Pdf versions of Chart selector charts (12MB) (zipped folder of pdf files)


Printable spreadsheet (23KB) cross referencing between the CCC Imray Kintyre to Ardnamurchan Sailing Directions (Second edition 2018) and the current edition of our charts (2018), supplied by one of our users.



If you want to download a set of charts you must order them first and we will email you a link.




There is lots of help in the Commentary that comes with the charts. In particular, there are tips or guides for use of most types of software/hardware combinations at the end of the setting up instructions.




Communications Policy (162KB)(pdf file)


For Corrections and Cautions see dedicated tab

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